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SasyaRakshak is a water soluble plant protectant, carefully designed to contain all good constituents derived from botanicals such as Lakki soppu (Vitex negundo), Ekka (Calotropis gigantea), neem (Azadirachta indica), lantana (Lantana camara), sweetflag (Acorus calamus), Adusoge (Adathoda vascica) and Nityapushpa (Vinca rosea). The combination of active ingredients form these plant sources provide excellent protection to the crop plants against the sucking (Aphids, thrips, mites, mealybugs, hoppers and bugs) as well as biting ( leafminers, caterpillars, beetles, weevils) insects. SasyaRakshak has fair effect against mildews, leaf spots and many other fungal pathogens affecting different plants.


Aerial spray to completely cover the crop plants against different pests @10ml/l



Mycodim 1

MycoDim is a broad spectrum, contact foliar fungicide that prevents a variety of diseases on ornamentals, trees, potted plants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. It can be applied with normal spray equipment using suggested volume of water to ensure complete coverage of all stems and foliage.
MycoDim is a water soluble free flowing powder. It has no phytotoxicity, at recommended dosages. MycoDim can be used for organic disease management. It has been very efficient for the management of powdery mildew, and other fungal diseases of plants. The presence of neem ingredients in the composition provides repellant effect to many pests.


Foliar sprays at concentrations @ 5 g/l for majority of applications, repeated at weekly intervals.


Neem Shakthi

NeemShakti is a Neem based botanical insecticide. It has 300 ppm of Azadirachtin (ai), along with many other principles of Neem. This is an Emulsifiable Concentrate (E.C.) which mixes in water easily. This is eco-friendly and compatible with different types of pest management interventions.

Spray as protective measure against different types insect pests 5 ml/l at 7-10 days interval.



Sasyaposhak 3
SasyaPoshak is a matured compost blend of organic manure with vermicompost, botanical cakes, biofertilizers and rock phosphate. The high load microbes help in solubilising different nutrients in the growing media. The high micronutrient content makes it suitable across soil types, crops and seasons. Regular use of SasyaPoshak improves soil health, enriches nutrients and produces better yields. It is a useful soil input for potted vegetables, ornamentals and many other field, plantation and fruit crops.

It is conveniently available in packages of 5 & 25 kg bags.


  • For potted plants :                    150-200g/pot
  • Vegetable crops :                       1 MT/acre
  • Plantation/ Fruit crops:           2-3 kg/per tree
  • Lawn:                                           1 MT/acre
  • Cash crops :                                2 MT/acre


Phytonic Plus

Phytonic Plus has positive effects on plant vitality by promoting vegetative growth and robustness, increases fruit yields and shortens growth cycle. Phytonic Plus is completely miscible with water in all proportions and is extremely easy to apply: as a surface, foliar spray, as well as via the plant root system.


For Potted Plants:          5ml/L in water, administer as soil application or foliar spray

Soil application:              1 l/acre diluted with water

Foliar spray:                   400-500 ml/acre @ 2 ml/l

Seed coating:                  5-10 ml Per Liter for a kg of seed

Root dipping:                 5 ml/l of water for few minutes before transplanting

Feeding through drip irrigation: 1 l/acre


SasyaPoshak Plus

SasyaPoshakPlus is SasyaPoshak fortified with Hydropod super absorbents.  Hydropod super absorbents are hydrophilic polymers with ability to absorb significant amount of water (more than 300 times of their own mass) and retain moisture at the root zone. While the high load microbes and micronutrients makes SasyaPoshakPlus suitable for all soil types, all crops and all seasons, its exclusive moisture retaining property makes it very convenient for dry land agriculture.  It is a useful soil input for potted vegetables and ornamentals, helping to retain water at root zone, by reducing the frequency of watering, subsequently saving water substantially.

It is conveniently available in packages of 2 and 5 kg bags.


  • For potted plants :       150-200g/pot
  • Vegetable crops :          1 MT/acre
  • Fruit crops         :          2-3 Kg/tree
  • Lawn                   :          1 MT/acre
  • Cash crops          :         2 MT/acre


Neem Thump

Neem thump1

NeemThump is a water soluble, complete neem seed kernel extract powder. It contains all the limonoids from neem seeds, which will have role in potentiating the pest control activity. NeemThump instantly dissolves in water to give a solution for aerial spray. This is also practical in conventional crop production, as part of IPM.


Use 5 g/l for high volume sprays. For low and ultra-low volume sprayers, increase the dosage accordingly.


Household care products

Hydropod Gel Plants

Hydropod Gel Plants are select indoor plants in Hydropod Plant Gel, designed and developed by Biological Research Innovation Centre and Solutions, Bengaluru, using hydrophilic material which is a commonly used agricultural input. Hydropod Plant Gel is used in dry land agriculture to conserve and retain water at the root zone. The Hydropod Gel is developed in ultra pure water supplemented with plant nutrients and growth factors for enhanced plant growth. This plant gel is a practical alternative for soil less nurturing of decorative and ornamental indoor plants such as Spathiphyllum (Peace lily), Dracaena (Lucky bamboo), Syngonium, Caladium etc. Hydropod Gel Plants are preferred to get positive energy in the dwelling place as they respire and grow continuously along with inmates.

Hydro blue 2


EcoSwachh 3R

EcoSwachh 3R is a concoction of super quality soapnut extract and biosurfactants, designed and developed for clean and quality fabric wash. EcoSwachh 3R does not contain chlorine, phosphates, and other artificial additives that are dangerous to human beings and other life forms. They are free from synthetic dyes and flavour. It is made from safe and natural ingredients.



Natural Hand Wash

hand wash single
EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash is formulated with Soapnut (Sapindus sp.) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna) which are traditionally known natural surfactants. It contains the active principles of Drumstick (Moringa olifera) which is scientifically proven for its excellent antimicrobial property. EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash cleans the dirt, grease, oil, maintains hygiene, and has moisturizing properties. EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash provides the excellent soothing effect and takes considerably less water for rinsing compare to regular hand wash liquid which is made of synthetic surfactants like SLES, SLS, and other sulfate-based surfactants. Regular use of EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Hand Wash reduces chemicals intervention in our daily lifestyle and minimizes the release of chemical load to the environment.


Natural Dish Wash

dishwashEcoSwachh 3RTM -Natural Dish Wash is concentrated extract of super quality Soap nuts and other botanical surfactants with active principles from Lemon and Tamarind.

Unique features:

  • Natural and safe to wash, removes sticky food, food smell, oil residues, stains etc. and retains the quality of utensils.
  • Safe on hands,  mild on skin
  • Easy to use, Low foam formulation, hence consumes less water for rinsing & watering of utensils.
  • Regular use of EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Dish Wash reduces chemicals intervention in our daily lifestyle and minimizes the release of chemical load to the environment.


Natural Surface Cleaner

Surface cleanerEcoSwachh 3RTM -Natural Surface Cleaner is the best alternative for cleaning all type of floors and surfaces. It is concentrated blend of two prominent natural surfactants, Soap nut and Shikakai along with bioactive principles from Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) which has proven the antimicrobial property. EcoSwachh 3R Natural Surface Cleaner will remove dirt and scuff marks from the floor (surface) without a smearing or residue, leaving a long-lasting fragrance. Regular use of EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Surface Cleaner reduces chemicals intervention in our daily lifestyle and minimizes the release of chemical load to the environment.


  • Aqueous extract of active botanical surfactants -           98%
  • Natural thickening agents, Food grade preservatives

                and fragrance–                                                                        2%


For Floor and Bathroom Surfaces

  • Use one cap full of the EcoSwachh 3R Natural Surface Cleaner in about half a bucket of water (about 5 Litre) and mop on the surface.

For Kitchen Surfaces

  • Apply undiluted on sticky and greasy kitchen slabs, rub it for few seconds, leave it for 10 minutes and clean.


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